Moving Past Purees

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Make transitioning from purees to finger food EASY while saving your time and energy

What you'll get:

  • 8 easy-peasy puree recipes with common ingredients your baby will actually eat.
  • 8 low-effort recipes for thick purees so you can easily add texture, nutrients, and flavor to your baby's food.
  • A day-by-day schedule to progress from pureed food > thick purees > finger foods over a month.
  • A finger food guide so you can feel confident in starting finger foods as safely as possible.

*Your baby should be at least 6 months prior to starting any progression from purees to finger foods. Please consult your baby's pediatric provider prior to starting the progression.

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Want to build a strong foundation when starting solids so you can feel less overwhelmed and more confident?

Starting Solids 101 is your one-stop shop for streamlined, evidence-based information.

Even better - it is a digital course written with the busy mom in mind. Go at your own pace!

We discuss:

- How to know the *perfect* time to start

- The pros and cons of purees vs baby-led so you know when and how to start

- Balancing breast or bottle feeding and solids

- How to safely introduce allergens

- Choking vs gagging and how to keep your baby as safe as possible

- BONUS: a common questions database to support you throughout your baby's solids journey


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By purchasing this guide, I understand that Erin Moore, CPNP, CLC is not my child's pediatric provider. At no time does education provided by Ms. Moore supersede or replace advice provided by any medical or behavioral health professional that has a treating relationship with your child. Ms. Moore strongly encourages all parents and guardians to contact their child’s pediatric provider for any medical needs related to the information in this document.