Medical Disclaimer


Erin Moore, RN, CPNP, CLC is a licensed provider, but is not your child’s provider. By providing the information herein, Ms. Moore is not providing any nursing or medical services. While Ms. Moore is a trained nurse practitioner, she is also a certified lactation counselor and is solely providing services to individuals under this certification as a coach. Ms. Moore strongly encourages all parents and guardians to contact their child’s pediatric provider for any medical needs related to the information in this document.  Ms. Moore does not promise, shall not be obligated to, and will not provide any nursing or medical service, diagnosis, or treatment to you or your child. If diagnosis, treatment, or medical services are required, Ms. Moore encourages you to seek services from an appropriately licensed professional.


At no time does advice provided by Ms. Moore supersede or replace advice provided by any medical or behavioral health professional that has a treating relationship with your child.