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The Simple Guide to Combination Feeding

The only resource of its kind that helps you gain confidence in combining breastmilk and formula from your baby's birth to their first birthday.

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Do you wish that feeding your baby would be less of a struggle?

Are you tired of the late-night googling that isn't really giving you any specific combo-feeding information?


Let me be the first to tell you that you are not alone...

Whether you're...

  • a first-time mom who wants to have the foundation and evidence-based information mixing breastmilk and formula.
  • an experienced mom who is looking to take charge of your feeding journey and make it work for your family's situation.
  • a parent who wants to ditch the uncertainty of baby feeding, skip the late night-googling, and avoid non-supported feeding advice.
This is for you.

Through these guides,

you will have…


  • A strong, foundational understanding of breastmilk production, formula choice, and how to combine both from birth to weaning.

  • More confidence in finding a method of baby feeding that works for your family. 

  • Knowledge on how to maintain your milk supply while using formula.

  • More time to enjoy feeding your baby without questioning if you are doing it right.

I want this!

Hi! I'm Erin & I am your combination feeding guide.

I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and certified lactation counselor turned mixed-feeding mom from Austin, TX. I completely understand the struggles when it comes to feeding babies.

I found a lot of support when it came to breastfeeding, but when adding formula was necessary, I was shocked by the lack of credible, research-based resources on combination breast and formula feeding.

I knew then and there that my mission would be to help other mothers feel less shame and more support while combination-feeding.

As a business owner, mom, wife, and nurse, I know that life is busy. Motherhood isn't easy. It is messy and hard.

But guess what? Feeding your baby doesn't have to be.

I am here to be your guide through every step of your mixed feeding journey.


How would it feel to have:


A less-stressful mixed feeding journey filled with the support you deserve 


Confidence that your baby is getting important nutrients from mixing breastmilk and formula


More time to bond and less worry with your baby during feeding times

I've got you covered!

What’s Inside 

The Simple Guide to Combination Feeding?

Let's take a peak...

You will gain access to three in-depth PDF guides to help you navigate combining breastmilk and formula.

Here is what to expect:


GUIDE ONE: Breastfeeding Basics

In this guide, you will learn the foundations of breastmilk production. 


  • How and why breastmilk is produced.
  • How to optimize breastfeeding to get the most milk as possible
  • Bonus: Pumping Basics - choosing a pump, flange fitting, and how and when to pump.
Guide 2: Formula Feeding 

In this module, you will learn all about formula feeding.

 Module Highlights:

  • How to understand formula ingredients to choose the best formula for your baby and family.
  • All about formula preparation and storage.
  • How to bottle feed.
Guide 3: Combining breastmilk and formula

Your guide to how to combine breastmilk and formula while maintaining your milk supply.

Module Highlights:

  • What is mixed feeding and how it can work for your family.
  • Mixed feeding month-by-month - from newborn to your baby's first birthday.
  • How to navigate common combination feeding concerns by age.

PLUS...This bonus will answer your questions


This bonus to help you navigate many common yet stressful combo-feeding situations along your feeding journey.



Common Combination Feeding problems and how to solve them easily

In-depth answers to your most common combination feeding questions so you have a reference you can trust (and don't have to rely on google or a facebook group).

(A $37 Value)

These moms are taking control of their feeding journey.

Psst...You can too...


Erin is passionate, informative, and knowledgeable on all things parenting/baby/feeding. She provides incredibly useful information, tips, and insights to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. I have referred back to her constantly through my baby’s first year and find that she always has the answer to my concerns or questions. Erin is a truly wonderful source for parents!


Thank you...I finally felt pride in my combo-feeding and learning so much. I got to bond with my daughter...I breastfed for 4 months and never felt connected. We struggled every day. You did change my life. Thank you.


Just wanted to send a thank you for all the work you do. I've been able to feel a lot more at peace with combo-feeding since following you. Previously it consumed so much of my mind and heart.

Stop worrying. Start bonding.

What does life look like without the guides?

  • Continued questioning and googling without confidence that the information is correct and will solve your problems
  • More stress and uncertainty when feeding issues arise (and they will)
  • Less confidence about feeding in future pregnancies

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