Want less stress while feeding your baby?

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Googling is not the answer...

There is SO much conflicting and non-trustworthy information on the internet when it comes to feeding your baby - whether it is starting solids, picky eating, or mixing breastmilk and formula.

Together, we will come up with a personalized feeding plan based on your baby's needs that you can easily implement.

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Includes a 45-minute virtual consult and a personalized plan. Topics include: breastfeeding concerns, how to mix breastmilk and formula, protecting your milk supply, and/or breastmilk and formula schedules.

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Formula Feeding

Includes a 45-minute virtual consult and a personalized plan. Topics include: formula choice, navigating formula issues, bottle feeding, and/or bottle refusal.

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Solid Foods

Includes a 45-minute virtual consult and a personalized plan. Topics include: starting solids, purees vs. baby-led feeding, picky eating, balancing bottle-feeding and solids, and feeding after 1 year.

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Working with Erin is a perfect option for you if...

  • You want to find a feeding option that works best for your family.
  • You want to streamline the overwhelming information on baby feeding.
  • Your baby was full-term and is hitting developmental milestones.
  • Your baby is not under the care of gastroenterology.
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Each virtual consultation includes...

  • 45 minutes to discuss your feeding question, whether it is about mixing breastmilk & formula or starting baby food & food progression. 
  • A detailed, individualized plan based on your family's needs.
Schedule Now - $129

Wondering how to balance bottles and starting solids?

This free guide will help you balance bottle feeding, sleep, and introducing solids between 4-6 months. It also provides helpful tips to get you started.

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