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Moving Past Purees

 A step-by-step guide to get your baby onto solid foods

The only recipe book of its kind that holds your hand from purees to finger foods.

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Do you wish that moving to baby-led weaning would be less overwhelming?

Are you feeling anxious about adding flavor and texture to your baby's food?


Let me be the first to tell you that you are not alone...

Whether you're...

  • a¬†busy mom who wants to make baby food at home, but needs some inspiration and ideas.
  • a busy mom who doesn't know how the steps of getting from purees to baby-led weaning.
  • a¬†busy mom who wants to focus on food that is delicious AND served safely.
This is for you.

After you read Moving Past Purees, you will have...


  • A strong, foundational understanding of how to make and enhance traditional purees with flavors that taste good.

  • More confidence¬†in taking the next step to progress from baby food.

  • Knowledge on¬†how to make the transition with a day-by-day guide.

  • More time to enjoy¬†feeding your¬†baby¬†without¬†anxiety about choking.

I NEED this!

Hi! I'm Erin & I am your baby feeding guide.

I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and certified lactation counselor from Austin, TX. I completely understand the struggles when it comes to feeding babies.

There is A LOT of pressure when it comes to HOW and WHAT we feed our babies.

Social media makes us feel like there is only one "right way". I don't buy that.

There are many paths our feeding journey can take and a lot of "right" ways to transition to table food.

It is my mission to hold your hand as you add more FLAVOR and TEXTURE to your baby's food while saving your time and energy.

As a business owner, mom, wife, and nurse, I know that life is busy. Motherhood isn't easy. It is messy and hard.

But guess what? Feeding your baby doesn't have to be.

I am here to be your guide from starting solids to toddler food & on.


How would it feel to have:

a boy eats finger foods while his mom watches

Less anxiety while you are transitioning to finger foods in the safest way possible.

A baby sits in a high chair and has a bowl of food on his head and finger foods on his tray.

Creative ways to introduce new foods and add different flavors to homemade or store-bought baby food without spending your precious time.

A baby holds a spoonful of purees and opens her mouth to eat.

Less fear about what to feed your baby and when. More energy to make mealtime fun.

I've got you covered!

What’s Inside 

Moving Past Purees?

Let's take a peak...

You will gain access to a downloadable PDF cookbook to help you easily add NEW FOODS and NEW FLAVORS to purees and transition to table food.

Here is what to expect:


SECTION ONE: Getting Started

All the information you need to know BEFORE starting a textural progression.


  • How to know your baby is ready.
  • A day-by-day calendar to help your baby move from pureed baby food to advanced purees to finger foods.
  • A grocery list and tips to make food preparation as easy as possible.

8 easy recipes to help you add flavor to traditional pureed baby food.

 Module Highlights:

  • Instructions on how to¬†prepare baby¬†food in bulk at home¬†with a focus on food safety.
  • Flavor combinations that are easy to add to store-bought food to save time if desired.
  • Time-saving tips.
SECTION THREE: Thick purees

8 more recipes that build on the first set that change the flavor and add texture.

Module Highlights:

  • Instructions on how to safely move from purees to thick or advanced purees.
  • How to make thick baby food at home or easily enhance store-bought foods.
  • Flavor combinations that you and your baby will both want to eat.
SECTION FOUR: Finger Foods

16 common finger foods and how to safely serve them to your baby.

Module Highlights:

  • Instructions on¬†the right and wrong ways to serve common foods to your baby.
  • Simple, printable lists on how to modify foods to make them safer for your baby.
  • A focus on choking prevention following evidence-based guidelines.

These busy moms are taking control of their feeding journey.

Psst...You can too...


As a first-time mom, I was anxious about introducing solid foods to my baby. This recipe book has been a LIFESAVER! The book provided clear and easy-to-follow instructions on transitioning my baby from purees to solid foods. I highly recommend this book to all parents starting on the exciting journey of introducing solid foods to their precious little ones! Perfect for a busy mom!


Erin is passionate, informative, and knowledgeable on all things parenting/baby/feeding. She provides incredibly useful information, tips, and insights to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. I have referred back to her constantly through my baby’s first year and find that she always has the answer to my concerns or questions. Erin is a truly wonderful source for parents!

Let's make life easy

What does life look like without the guides?

  • Continued googling without confidence that the information will¬†decreased your fear¬†and keep your baby safe
  • More stress and¬†anxiety every time your baby eats
  • Not enough exposure to new textures and flavors

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Moving Past Purees

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