The Simple Guide to Baby Formula

Everything you need to know to confidently choose and start a new formula.


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In this guide, you will learn...

 How to understand the ingredients found in baby formula.

  How to confidently choose what formula will fit your baby’s needs.

 How to start a new formula the right way and troubleshoot any issues.

  How to save your family money.

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Starting formula can be a huge hurdle to overcome.

How do you know which formula is best for your family?

I created The Simple Guide to Baby Formula to empower you through education. Baby formula doesn’t have to be complicated or taboo. I want you to feel confident about what ingredients you prefer, what you want to avoid, and how to find a formula that fits your family’s needs. After you choose, you will also know EXACTLY how to start the formula in the best way possible.


In addition to choosing and starting a new formula, this guide will help you:

 Troubleshoot any formula issues.

 Save money while choosing a new formula.

 Know how much to feed your baby based off cues.

 Confidently prepare and clean your baby’s bottles.

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Who this guide is for…

Parents with babies who were born full-term.

Parents with babies who have typical growth and development.

Parents who live in the United States.  Formula details are US-specific and FDA-approved though the information can be applied to all formulas.

Parents who want to make informed decisions for their family.

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See what other parents are saying...

Haley F.

I absolutely loved your formula guide! I found that it was INCREDIBLY helpful when switching to a new sensitive formula to help with my newborn's gassiness. The chart was easy to use and understand. I also really appreciated the detailed explanation of paced feedings. I had seen it mentioned online but never knew how to properly offer them. The responsive feeding cues section has saved us so many (mutual) tears! Now instead of waiting for my baby to cry, I read her body language to know when she is starting to get hungry. This has made feedings go so much smoother.

Sam H.

As both a mom and a pediatric nurse, I found this guide incredibly helpful! My son was combo fed from the start in the NICU. We were given very little instruction for our formula feeding and had multiple challenges. I wish I would have had this guide available from the beginning. It would have saved me so much googling and stress!

Rebecca R.

I love it! It was so enlightening to see an actual comparison of ingredients by brand – I haven’t found that anywhere else. So many resources have too little information to be helpful or so much information that it’s overwhelming. This guide contains everything you probably would ever want to know about formula and is organized in a way that’s easy to follow without getting bogged down. Now I have the information I need to make an informed choice about what formula to try next for our daughter.

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