In this workshop, you'll walk away with


Less overwhelm when your sweet baby turns into a toddler so you can enjoy your time together more.


The ability to drop bottles like they're hot so you can ditch the struggle.


Confidence in choosing a milk or milk alternative without spending 20 minutes in the store reading labels.


Realistic expectations for baby and toddler eating habits so you don't have to feel guilty when you watch other babies on social media.


A recording that you can refer back to for an entire year.

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Approach your baby's first year with confidence as you learn all about the changes that come when your baby turns into a cute little toddler.

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This workshop is for you if...

  • you have a 6+ month old baby and like to be prepared
  • you have a baby who is approaching 1 year (cry)
  • you have a toddler who is just over 1 year, but you still have questions
cute and smiling baby eats orange baby food recipe

What to expect...

  • 55 minutes of education so you can go into your baby's first year without worrying
  • Instant access right when you purchase
  • Access to the workshop for 1 year so you can go back whenever you want
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A personal invitation from Erin

I've been working as a nurse practitioner for 10 years, helping moms like you figure out how to feed their baby.

I can't wait to condense all the information out there and help you navigate this huge milestone.

See you there!

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