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1-Year Transitions

Support Pod

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed with the HUGE transitions when your baby turns ONE.

Starts Monday, October 16th, and runs for 4 weeks
Get the support you deserve

Do you wish you had more than 5 minutes to talk with your pediatrician? 

Let me be the first to tell you that you are not alone...

The 1-Year Transitions Support Pod helps you feel confident heading into toddlerhood in just four weeks.


It is the perfect fit for babies who:

  • are over 10.5 months by October 16th and are under 18 months.
  • are hitting typical milestones.

Let's take a peek at what you'll receive...

4 weeks of invaluable support and education

  • Week 1: Typical feeding habits from 11 - 18 months with food ideas!
  • Week 2: Introducing cups & dropping bottles.
  • Week 3: Transitioning from formula to milk or weaning from breastfeeding (if desired).
  • Week 4: Looking forward -  what do the next few months look like?
 What else you'll get...
  • Immediate one-year access to my digital workshop Feeding Your 11 - 15 month-old baby (value $32)
  • Two weekly support emails for 4 weeks (value $40)
    • 1st email: education & feeding prompts
    • 2nd: check-in, troubleshooting & challenges 
  • 4 group virtual meet-ups to troubleshoot common concerns (value $100)
    • Takes place via Google Meetup on Tuesdays at 12 pm central
      • Dates: Oct 17th, 24th, 31st, Nov 7th
    • Recorded in case you cannot attend
  • Access to a private Facebook group for 6 weeks with daily prompts, tips, discussions, and your questions (value $45)
    • All questions will be answered within 24-48 hours.
  • A judgment-free community of like-minded parents in a similar situation.


Valued at $217

Get it for $97

After the 1 Year Transitions Support Pod, you'll walk away with...


  • A strong feeding foundation that you will benefit from for years to come.

  • More confidence in understanding when, where, and how to switch from formula to milk or wean from breastfeeding when the time comes.

  • Less anxiety about dropping bottles completely.

  • A community of like-minded moms.

I NEED this!

Hi! I'm Erin & I am your baby feeding guide.

I completely understand the struggles when it comes to feeding babies.

There is A LOT of pressure when it comes to HOW and WHAT we feed our babies.

Social media makes us feel like there is only one "right way". I don't buy that.

There are many paths our feeding journey can take and a lot of "right" ways to feed our babies.

It is my mission to hold your hand as you work through this HUGE milestone.

Motherhood can be hard.

But guess what? Feeding your baby doesn't have to be.

I am here as your baby-feeding guide & nurse mentor.

These busy moms are taking control of their feeding journey.

Psst...You can too...

Erin’s 11-15 month feeding course boosted my confidence in switching to whole milk and eventually dropping bottles by providing different ways to do it (gradual vs cold turkey) and just overall guidance. The course fulfilled its purpose when I needed it! Grateful for Erin and her work. - Laritza

Erin helped me feel much more confident with feeding as my daughter approached the 1 year mark. I felt I had a good grasp on how to transition from bottles to cups and from formula/BM to milk. She gave so many great tips on snacks, sample schedules, and nutrition. She helped eased my mind and stress around feeding. Thank you so much! -Kim

Erin is passionate, informative, and knowledgeable on all things parenting/baby/feeding. She provides incredibly useful information, tips, and insights to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. I have referred back to her constantly through my baby’s first year and find that she always has the answer to my concerns or questions. Erin is a truly wonderful source for parents!

Let's make life easier

How would it feel if you didn't have to...

  • spend hours sifting through content, wondering if information will actually help.
  • feel stressed if the transitions don't go as expected.
  • question what the heck to feed your baby day after day.

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